Oct. 23rd, 2011 11:10 pm
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Virginia! Featuring [ profile] acehorner!

It was my lovely's birthday! My presents for her were all terrible. :( But we did some amazing things to celebrate! We ate delicious food!

Omfg, this salad. I have no words.

Omfg, THIS SOUP. It's butternut sqaush, which neither Ace nor I are generally in love with, but those are bits of hazelnut on the top there. Omg.

Key liiiiime!

Red velllllvet.


Mien liebe, making us breakfast. XD

Mac and cheese!

Unicorn beer! It was actually delicious. I have never gotten a taste for having beer with my meals though. I like it so much better solo.

We also went to a very posh tea, but we kind of scarfed it and forgot to take any pictures beforehand.
But! After the posh tea, we went back to a very posh hotel!

...where I drew [ profile] acehorner like one of my French girls? Idk, I don't think either one of us intended this picture to look so dirty.
Anyway, here is what she wore to tea:

I'm so bummed that this came out grainy, but it's my favorite picture from this trip regardless.

Making kissy faces at her in that very useful full length mirror.

Anyway, tea, hotel, and then we went to Taste of DC for lunch, but neglected pictures of our food once again. But we walked through this very posh neighborhood that had statues like this:

Vastly superior reenactment:

Ace being all like, 'Whaaaaaat, I'm a tourist' with some flowers made of hubcaps.

The church with the hubcap flowers.

These statues are greaaaaat. I can't help but think that these women are laughing hysterically whilst skipping away from the scene of an epic prank they've just pulled on someone very prestigious.

I know that there are longer escalators in the world than this one in DC, but I've never heard of one that is steeper. It's basically a moving ladder.

Then we went back to her house and made ice cream.



Then we got fancy again for a birthday dinner with Ace's friends.

Ms. Chanel, very serious business.

Ms. Annette, very lovely.

Birthday cards, also lovely.

Also we took pictures in the bathroom, as is our wont.

Ach! I fell like there were tons of things I should have taken pictures of, but didn't. It was very hard to leave this time around. T_T

And then it was on toooooo... Wincon!

There, I'm all unpacked.

You can tell it's a swank hotel because the mini shampoos are a brand name.

The view out our window.

The view of [ profile] chaneen's awesome necklace.

The pub from which the ghost tour operated.

A ridiculous window-reflection of what I wore on the ghost tour, along with this coat.

After the ghost tour, there were beignets at the Cafe du Monde!

Here is the aftermath of my beignets:

I'm not gonna share many pictures of fangirls, because I don't want to post without permission, and there are always people in the background and such, but here's prom! God, prom is so amazing. It always takes me a moment to loosen up and dance, but I have such a good time once I do. I danced with... llllots of people, and spent a good portion of the night ogling [ profile] celtic_cookie, who came in drag as Gerard Way, and seriously guys, it should be a felony to be that hot. There was a lip syncing contest this year and that was goddamn amazeballs, let me tell you. I went as Captain Kirk's space bimbo, and it was well-received. XD

The ceiling! We only have the best octopi at Winprom

Fassy came to Winprom too.

Table decorations! The theme this year was Under the Sea, it was beautiful.

And here's the ticket to the straggler's dinner. I kind of love it a lot.

I feel like I made lots of new friends around, and and and! Next year I might be running a fangirl salon for prom! Idk why, it's a year away, but I am SUPER PUMPED for that. XD

I want to say more, I want to talk about how much Wincon means to me, and how horribly I miss and love[ profile] acehorner, but there aren't any words that can do that justice anyway, and I am le tired.

Good night lovies.



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