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Hallooooo, actual blog! I am alive. However I am very poor, which is why I did not do cards or anything for the holidays. :( Also! My family has a new house, but it's a fixer-upper, so that's what I've been doing with my time lately. Updates will likely continue to be scarce, but I still love you all, flist!

Last night I dreamed that I was scheduled a shift at work and that the schedule, rather than specifying me as floor supervisor or guest service or whatever for this shift, said "Meeting Re: [something] Jars" and that when I showed up, it turned out that this meant horse training. LovelyBossWoman informed me that I needed to get these three horses accustomed to this one path we needed them to run. The horses were right outside the office, and the trail was around the back, though some hills and whatnot. This isn't the weirdest work dream I've ever had or anything, which is probably why I had a hard time realizing that it wasn't reality when I woke up. Once conscious, I was kinda worried, because I know fuckall about horses. So I rolled over, grabbed my ipod off the dresser, went to Wikipedia, and was halfway through typing "horse training" in the search before I realized that: a) we don't have any horses at the movie theater; b) if we did no one would ask me, of all people, to train them; and c) if for some reason I was asked to train them, Wikipedia probably wouldn't be sufficient enough to get me up to speed on horsey knowledge.



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