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Mar. 13th, 2008 01:11 am
Alejandro's Trekkie Sweater is complete! )


Mar. 11th, 2008 08:49 pm
Omg, I feel like I have no internets focus. I want to talk about fandom, about rl, about bellydance and knitting and world peace. I have also been meaning to do a picspam and an icon post! Plus I still haven't mailed [livejournal.com profile] iamstillthemoon's hedgepig because I suck! Gah!

Wincon should have a costume ball. With prizes for things like "Most Canonical." Also, in the future, I should not know anything about or make any plans for Wincon until, like, a week beforehand. I have trouble concentrating, I'm looking forward to it so very much.

And speaking of, Abbie is clearly a Dean girl: )

I am so in love with this place. Their salads are amazing and their service is wonderful and their premade food is cheap and delicious and healthy and perfect for taking to work or school.

I'm gonna change my layout right after I post this. I think I'm going to use something from [livejournal.com profile] thefulcrum. I hardly ever just copy and paste a whole layout without tweaking it to suit me, but I really like her designs.


I have spun up the fiber I bought when I was being bad, and determined that it is too light colored for Juno Regina. So I bought some Briar Rose Angel Face in these gorgeous deep reds for it. It'll have this combination Little Red Riding Hood/majestic thing going on.

The other day MamaGoddess took Alejandro to Costco with her. He got a 4 pound bag of Jolly ranchers, which went straight up to his room when they got home. This morning he comes downstairs and goes, "Dude, my mouth has a pH of like, 2."

This wasn't the picspam I had planned, but what the hell. I've been wanting an excuse to post random bellydance pictures for a while now. I've collected these over the years off of various websites and without ever writing down any proper credit or anything like that, because I'm a lazy bum. None of them are mine, I'll just say that.
Bellydance picspam! )
(And hopefully these demonstrate that if a bellydancer were to do her thing in a strip club, s/he would probably be booed off the stage. So if I meet you and I tell you I bellydance, do not respond immediately with some comment about stripping, strip classes, or your friend/ex who is a stripper.)

Now that I've got all that out, maybe I can do something constructive for a change.
Well, I really need some Briar Rose yarn. Actually, I need lots of Briar Rose yarn. Right now.

I've started watching Torchwood. *facepalm* This is what you do to me, Spn hiatus/strike. I get so hungry for some sweet and somewhat subtle brotherlove, I gnaw my nails down and roll around on the floor, moaning and chewing on furniture, until I get so desperate that I turn to the BBC. Well, ok, I don't roll around on the floor. Torchwood: instead of being subtle and brotherly, it just has obvious rampant gayness. "Wanton" is the word I would like to use here, actually. Anyways, it's some good light entertainment.

Tonight Alejandro and Fedora went and got Guitar Hero III. *facepalm, headdesk* They've been playing it for... 5 hours and counting. I'm ready to kill Pat Benetar.

Today, [livejournal.com profile] mere_buff_4 told me she was feeling awesome. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. S'been too long since she felt good, sez aye. Clearly, this catapulted me into the happy place of talking like a pirate.

And now for some cooey, gooey, baaaaaaaby Abigail time!

It's long, yes. Movie Maker wouldn't let me clip it, and I'm too lazy to look for other software. Anyway, her eyes are so gorgeous. I can't get over them. That's MamaGoddess narrating, and Plumie holding her, btw.
So before I sit down to watch Supernatural, LOOK WHAT ALEJANDRO DID WITH HIS NINJA POWERS!!! )

Also, I forgot to mention, but my episode review for last week is here.

And the BPAL banners post has been updated with the following: )
So, I work a long closing shift on Halloween. That doesn't suck as much as you think because we're allowed to wear costumes, and I'm working guest service so I get to sit down and goof off the whole time. Plus it's not like I'd be doing anything else for Halloween anyway, besides the religious stuff. I was thinking my brother and I might dress up together: he'd be Wash and I'd be Mal, from Firefly. They would be easy thrift shop costumes. I just need boots, a brown duster, and a red shirt. (I already have suspenders and pants.) We'd get Alejandro a Hawaiian shirt and some dinosaur toys, and we'd use that orange hairspray stuff.

[Poll #1078460]
Ya kinda had to be there, but here's a standard conversation between myself and Alejandro. )
I have eaten a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. I now understand Elvis on a whole new level.

Me: Those are fangirls.
Alejandro: I thought that was the sound of people being tortured in the darkness.
Me: That's what fangirls sound like.

And because the muppets are friggin' brilliant, have some Peter Sellers and some Star Wars. What I love is how completely stone cold serious Mark Hamill is. And also his sweater vest.
Alejandro: I have no idea what happened last night.
Me: Like, the whole night?
Alejandro: No, just after we started Star Trek. All I know is I woke up this morning with a juicyjuice box stuck to my face.
Me: Umm...
Mmm... good porn on a beautiful morning.

Bellydance rehersal went wonderfully, and not just because I'm a little bit in love with Selena and her pants kept slipping down to reveal the top 3 or 4 inches of her g-string. Also, I'm getting my own costume. Remember these? Well, I don't have my own, that's Selena's I'm wearing there. It is too small, hence my protruding belly. The one I'm getting is custom made and will be a different color so as to be more versatile and match Alexis. So it'll look like this, but be more like this color. And will actually fit me. It's costing me 235 dollars, which I am reluctant to part with (only 2 and half more paychecks before I'm unemployed again), but then I'll be set for all future performances. Oh, and we're a troupe. I didn't know this, but we are being billed as a "troupe of [Yasmina's] students called Yasmina's Yems." So yey.

I got my Miles bracelet. *kisses it*

Meanwhile, my brother has discovered tricks with hats dot com. Gods save us all.
My brother was given an assignment to describe the four qualities of a perfect woman. He and his friend Ben (brother of my arch nemesis) came up with the following:

The Perfect Woman

1. Omnipotence
2. Omniscience
3. Immortality
4. Social grace
ALEJANDRO: (singing) Yoooouu're a big kitteeeeyyyy...Maybe Your-Dad-Was-An-Ocelot!



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