So I went and got my dental implant today! It was terribly exciting. They used a tiny, tiny ratchet to screw it into my jaw bone, it clicked and everything, I felt like a robot being repaired.

The Cold Commands is out at last and I have ordered a copy and I'm super excited to read it!

Did I mention I have a tumblr? Because I have a tumblr. It's mostly pictures of my nails.

Supernatural tonight! Woooooo!

Also vicodin, that stuff's great.
Because that spreadsheet is gonna come in handy once I get all the polish I just picked out from the Zoya Earth Day Nail Polish Exchange.

I highly recommend Zoya polishes. I love them. I didn't paint my nails before I found this brand. I had stopped painting my nails years ago because I had read about how terrible it is for your health and environment. Zoya is slightly less toxic than your standard nail polish, and although the polishes definitely have a smell, it is a smell that stays very close to the bottle. My brother no longer comes out of his room upstairs to ask what the hell is with the stink when I'm painting my nails in the kitchen. It doesn't even bother my mother, who has the nose of a basset hound. (No for real, she does. It's kind of annoying actually.) Also, they have this cute mascot now:

He strikes me as the chicken version of Isaiah Mustafa. And if I can't stand behind the chicken version Isaiah Mustafa, whom can I stand behind?
Soooo [ profile] acehorner suggested I make a spreadsheet for my nail polishes. And that's kind of what I have been Doing With My Life for the last three days.

I was going for spring-timey, but I think I aimed a little high and ended up with summery. Forgive the impromptu, crappy webcam picture.
IDEC how silly these are, they make my nail polish look amazing.

Also [ profile] acehorner bought them for me, and I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I kind of love her a lot.
So much serious shit going on right now, and nothing I could say would ever be eloquent enough, except maybe, "Holy titballs! I wish I had more money to spend on [ profile] help_japan." (Someone's offering a Hemlock Ring Blanket!)

But instead, look at two things that comfort me: Food and nail polish. )
Dear World of Plus-Sized Fashion, )

All ya'll are so jealous.
Flist! I just got a temp job as a sign spinner at a tax service to help me pay for the aforementioned dental work, and I need audio recs! I need stuff to listen to while I'm grooving with my sign. Rec me podfic and audio books and podcasts and communities pertaining to those things! Albums to, if you so desire!

Also, look at my plaid nails! I luff them.

Work is so crazy. SO CRAZY. A bunch of people in the same position I hold have recently quit/will soon quit, plus we've been short a manager for months, and oy. Crazy hours.

The only time I've had for myself lately I've spent making bold forays into the realm of ridiculousness:

Hogmarts nails! Each nail has the background of the house crest on it. And then a very messy version of the Hogwarts crest on my thumb.

Then I did Hufflepuff nails for my own house. I'm quite proud of how the badger looks like a badger, and not a skunk. I used the badgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadgerMUSHROOM badger as a guide. XD

Also, the new movie has kinda made me a Harry/Ron/Hermione shipper. Anybody got any OT3 recs?
Dear gods, what the hell happened to my internet life? I miss this. I was hoping the twitposting would get me back on track, but... Damn. I'm gonna be better at this. I'm gonna post and comment like a real person, for serious.

Whiny tidbit of the day: I have a particular acquaintance. This person is often very judgmental about things they know nothing about, but usually I just ignore it because I don't like to make waves. Also this person hates glitter and rhinestones and sparkly things, and will judge you for wearing or liking them. This time the topic at hand was one I am very familiar with; I've both studied and experienced it, so I spoke up. This person dismissed me and continued to pass judgment on a situation they have not experienced and about which they are not educated or knowledgeable. And they didn't know any of the people involved. That put me at something of a loss, so I changed the subject. Then when I got home, I did my nails like this,* just for spite.

It is my "no, fuck YOU" manicure. As the Lady says, sequins are much more fun than bombs.

Also, this is kinda making me feel better:

Good night, lovies. :)

*Not my pic or nails, got it off fuckyeahnailart



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