Well. Hi. I didn't mean to take a two week break there. I just... haven't been up to much. Just work. And the beach, which led to - cut for toplessness )

I started taking lessons at Culture Shock. It's not very challenging, but it's just wonderful to be in a drilling class of any kind. God, I missed it. Also in dance news, I plan to spend the next couple weeks perfecting the Bad Romance and Alejandro choreographies so that I can bust them out at Pride, if necessary. XD

I'm going to IMATS with my boss, and I fully anticipate coming back HORRIFICALLY BROKE. Any of my L.A. homies wanna come?

In an effort to avoid another unintentional hiatus, I'm going to attempt to post at least one sentence or link per day for a month. *firm decisive nod*
Belly dance/hip hop fusion has always been one of my favorite things ever, but even if you hate it, you have to admit:

It's a beautiful thing to watch someone give their body over to a song they clearly love.


Sep. 8th, 2009 12:16 am
OMG people, I am just bursting with creativity right now. I am going to make myself a utility belt that can hold all my stuff and have detachable tassels so that I can dance @ SCA events and be fashionable w/o leaving everything in my tent or on the ground around the fire. I am also going to make the most awesome Star Trek sweater in the history of ever: it will be classy and subtle, but all the GQMFs shall know it when they see it and marvel at my knitting and Trekkie prowess. Also, I am writing like three fics right now, I finally found a pattern for the yarn Flora Pecosa and Calodaemon bought me when I performed their wedding, and I'm gonna make some awesome yoga pants. Go me.

Costa Rica!

Sep. 5th, 2009 09:08 pm
Right so, Costa Rica! )
Ok, so the Costa Rica dance retreat with Her Rachelness? MY MAMA IS LOANING ME THE MONEY TO GO! OMFG I'M SO EXCITED I COULD THROW UP!


omfg it's annual. NEXT YEAR, NEXT YEEEEEEEEAR!!
I am seriously considering taking next semester off and focusing on bellydancing for a while. Dancing is one of my most favorite things, but somehow it's ended up on the back burner. Of all my hobbies/work/studies, I spend the least amount of time on it. Which is why I have been experiencing a total lack of progress for the last two years.

But then this other part of me is sure that if I go through with this, it'll just be because I'm subconsciously trying to flee from my responsibilities.


Aug. 26th, 2008 02:27 pm
Ok, so the video came out really dark. Also, pesky humans are in the way. Also, please remember I forgot all my choreography and improvised it, and I was not supposed to lose that veil towards the end. But anyway! Onto the solo! )
...and it was... not bad, I guess. I'll try to post the video later. I stood up and promptly forgot all my choreography, so I improvised it. Everything I did was fine in and of itself, it just didn't have much variety. Which would not have been the case had I actually done what I had planned to do, which I probably could have done had I rehearsed it all the way through even once. My veils are too big and all the rooms in my house are too small, so all my attempts at rehearsal were thwarted by pesky furniture and stupid walls.

SO. Since this was a "learning experience" as opposed to a triumph over which it would be hard to overstate my satisfaction, what have I learned? I've learned that I need better rehearsal space. I think I'm going to buy a rug and throw it down in the backyard, and practice out there.


Jul. 9th, 2008 02:05 pm
ME AND MY GODDAMN FINANCIAL STANDARDS. So the veils I mentioned here were these veils. I didn't link to them in the other post because I am paranoid and didn't want anyone to buy them out from under me before I got paid. Mind you, I had enough money to purchase them, but it would have left me with about 100 dollars in my bank account, and I don't like to get below 150 if I can help it. So I was gonna WAIT because I get paid TOMORROW, so it's not like the odds of them selling in 36 hours were THAT HIGH, right? WELL THEY SOLD. LIFE SUCKS.

She has a custom order available, so I messaged asking about getting the custom order dyed to match. And now I'm refreshing the Etsy conversation page, like, every 4 minutes.


Jul. 8th, 2008 07:08 pm
Yeah, soooo... WALL•E is pretty much the best thing ever. It excelled at absolutely everything it was and did. It's a creepy and hopeful post-apocalyptic movie, it's a unique take on an adventure movie, it's hilariously funny, and it's quite possibly my favorite romantic movie of all time. The backstory is delivered flawlessly. It's visually stunning. The music is wonderful. I adored it.

Spoilers ahoy, Cap'n! )

Also, my bellydance teacher is having a student showcase August 8th, and I'm doing a double silk veil routine to 'Define Dancing'. I'll try to get some video so you can all see what a nerd I am. XD


Mar. 11th, 2008 08:49 pm
Omg, I feel like I have no internets focus. I want to talk about fandom, about rl, about bellydance and knitting and world peace. I have also been meaning to do a picspam and an icon post! Plus I still haven't mailed [livejournal.com profile] iamstillthemoon's hedgepig because I suck! Gah!

Wincon should have a costume ball. With prizes for things like "Most Canonical." Also, in the future, I should not know anything about or make any plans for Wincon until, like, a week beforehand. I have trouble concentrating, I'm looking forward to it so very much.

And speaking of, Abbie is clearly a Dean girl: )

I am so in love with this place. Their salads are amazing and their service is wonderful and their premade food is cheap and delicious and healthy and perfect for taking to work or school.

I'm gonna change my layout right after I post this. I think I'm going to use something from [livejournal.com profile] thefulcrum. I hardly ever just copy and paste a whole layout without tweaking it to suit me, but I really like her designs.


I have spun up the fiber I bought when I was being bad, and determined that it is too light colored for Juno Regina. So I bought some Briar Rose Angel Face in these gorgeous deep reds for it. It'll have this combination Little Red Riding Hood/majestic thing going on.

The other day MamaGoddess took Alejandro to Costco with her. He got a 4 pound bag of Jolly ranchers, which went straight up to his room when they got home. This morning he comes downstairs and goes, "Dude, my mouth has a pH of like, 2."

This wasn't the picspam I had planned, but what the hell. I've been wanting an excuse to post random bellydance pictures for a while now. I've collected these over the years off of various websites and without ever writing down any proper credit or anything like that, because I'm a lazy bum. None of them are mine, I'll just say that.
Bellydance picspam! )
(And hopefully these demonstrate that if a bellydancer were to do her thing in a strip club, s/he would probably be booed off the stage. So if I meet you and I tell you I bellydance, do not respond immediately with some comment about stripping, strip classes, or your friend/ex who is a stripper.)

Now that I've got all that out, maybe I can do something constructive for a change.
Tomorrow! No work + New Supernatural + free and extra bellydance class = HOT DAMN!

[livejournal.com profile] technosage has ruined me for all other pr0nz, forever. Of course, I always feel like that after she posts Break Loose. Then some time passes, then she posts some more, and I am proven wrong.

No one should be this attractive. )
1) Bellydance recital was yesterday. While I'm sure we were terrible what with not rehearsing due to fires, I have never felt more comfortable or had more fun preforming. It might have looked like crap, but it felt awesome.

2) I've sat down to write this meta about eight times already and I'm not getting anywhere. I'm completely inarticulate when it comes to this. I had an English professor once who was very interested in Wicca and witchcraft and encouraged me to write about it all the time, but I could never get more than a few sentences out before getting stuck, rereading my three sentences, and going 'Wtf was I just thinking?!' and starting all over again.

3) I look hot today.
First day back in school after the fires. The campus was evacuated, then turned into a local assistance center, so it's been closed for a week or so. All of my classes missed the midterm and most of them missed a major assignment as well, so they've all been reorganized into even easier stuff. (This is why I have been laughing maniacally while [livejournal.com profile] modillian suffers through her midterms. I didn't want to say anything smug for fear she would smite me.)

And in other news, waaaaaaaaaaaaant. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT. *zombie arms*
I am glaring at my flist while east coast ppl post their Spn reactions, as per usual. However, today was payday, we finished choreographing the silk veil routine, and the Spn Hanky Code is posted!! (I like how tentacles has an exclamation point after it. It's just a given. If there are tentacles, we are excited about them.) So it's a happy time anyway. ^-^
Why, you ask? A week from this moment, I am going to be @ [livejournal.com profile] echotiarra's house, probably weeping and clinging to her, and watching Supernatural whilst drinking double chocolate stout and cream ale.

Also! I'm going to be in a charity bellydance recital on the 4th of November. We're using silk veils and our choreography is fucking awesome. I'm gonna see if I can get someone to record it in an internet-friendly way. :)
Had workshop with Rachel Brice. No one understands what a big deal that is, it's like getting guitar lessons from Jimmy Hendrix or something. I'll tell more details when I'm less tired. How tired am I? I have a whole new order of BPAL that arrived very quickly, and I'm too tired to test it out. But I'm not too tired to read the scent descriptions and get all hot and bothered.

Also: look alive, fandom. Don't let Potterdämmerung keep you from raising hell. Or rather, don't let all the hell you raise be channeled into Potterdämmerung. Save some for these ElJay coots who think they can enforce a law meant to apply to physical space (and it's vague and ambiguous even then) on the internets.


Apr. 12th, 2007 09:14 pm
Ok, so the cruise was awesome. Well, not really the cruise, I've discovered I'm not much of a cruise person, but I kind of knew that before hand. The bellydancing and the makeup lessons and the food and the company rocked, though. Everything was perfect and wonderful. I learned a truckload of stuff and I had a good time, and you can't ask for more than that in my book. The only thing that sucked was my roommate. She turned out to be the most godawful negative bitch ever. If I had known how awesome the lessons and the other ladies were gonna be and how much she was gonna suck, I would have scrimped and saved and found a way to pay for a whole room to myself. But anyways, onto pictures! It should be noted that I will have more pictures and possibly videos after April 27th, that's when I will get the CD of everyone else's pictures. My camera kinda pooped out towards the end, so there will definitely be more on there.

Anyways! )
School was easy this week! So why didn't I get anything done?

I was less impressed with 300 than I expected to be. It got a bit too Gladiator. Not up with what I expect from Frank Miller. (Then again, I've never read the graphic novel. My Miller studies are limited to Sin City. Maybe the comic was better.) But, hell it was free. And any movie with my brother is a good time. We make fun of everything.

I'm definitely going to make this sweater (the long sleeved version in red or orange because I'm a dirty whore), but I'm thinking now I'd like to add a skirt. Just keep knitting at the end of it and end up with something vaguely like a cotehardie to wear to sleep at war and around the house in winter when MamaGoddess refuses to turn the heater on.

Beyond that, I'm excited for the cruise (leaves in 10 days!), for this week's Spn (werewolves!), for my next paycheck (???!), and for [livejournal.com profile] grimmus coming down to party at the Mexican consulate with me (nuff said!). Also, I'm very tired. Good night.



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