So I went and got my dental implant today! It was terribly exciting. They used a tiny, tiny ratchet to screw it into my jaw bone, it clicked and everything, I felt like a robot being repaired.

The Cold Commands is out at last and I have ordered a copy and I'm super excited to read it!

Did I mention I have a tumblr? Because I have a tumblr. It's mostly pictures of my nails.

Supernatural tonight! Woooooo!

Also vicodin, that stuff's great.
Work is so crazy. SO CRAZY. A bunch of people in the same position I hold have recently quit/will soon quit, plus we've been short a manager for months, and oy. Crazy hours.

The only time I've had for myself lately I've spent making bold forays into the realm of ridiculousness:

Hogmarts nails! Each nail has the background of the house crest on it. And then a very messy version of the Hogwarts crest on my thumb.

Then I did Hufflepuff nails for my own house. I'm quite proud of how the badger looks like a badger, and not a skunk. I used the badgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadgerMUSHROOM badger as a guide. XD

Also, the new movie has kinda made me a Harry/Ron/Hermione shipper. Anybody got any OT3 recs?
I do not have to energy to make a Wincon post that will do this weekend any kind of justice yet, but I needed to pass on this rec as soon as humanly possible:

Go read The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan right fucking now. It is awesome. It is Cerberus' litter of adorable, killer, three-headed, half-poodle puppies. It's the baby that would be conceived by Firefly's self-hating, scorching hot sex with V for Vendetta. And if that's not enough: it's paced almost flawlessly, and it laughs at itself subtly and beautifully.

Read. This. Book.


Sep. 14th, 2009 05:33 pm
'Reading Rainbow' Reaches Its Final Chapter

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Dec. 12th, 2007 06:45 pm
Aww, shit. T_T

ETA: I kind of can't get over this. Hogfather is on in half an hour. What the bleeding fuck, universe?
There is not a cell in me that does not covet this sweater pattern despite the fact that it probably won't flatter me at all.

LOOK! SHO CUTE!! I want to knit that for MamaGoddess. She cried when her teacher read Charlotte's Web in third grade. And the reminder that she is very, very special wouldn't hurt either.

No Worries

Oct. 24th, 2007 08:13 pm
Ok, we're back at home. Everyone is fine and so is the house. The fire that was near my house has changed direction, it's moving East and back on itself. This map is very cool if you want to see exactly what's been going on in San Diego. The Harris Fire in the South was the one my family and I were worried about. We lived in the car on the beach for a couple days. See, we'd planned to just get out of town or possibly the state for the duration, but my brother in law is a dork and wouldn't come with us. He thought he was still going to work today. My sister wouldn't leave without him and my mother wouldn't leave without my sister, so we just drove out to the coast and slept in the cars and whatnot. (See moodtheme. I'm ridiculously excited to sleep in my bed tonight. I mean seriously, it's stupid how much I'm looking forward to that.)

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Anyway, we're all good, our house is all good, and it looks like it's going to stay that way. Also, I spent most of the time we were gone knitting and reading Terry Pratchett, and you know who Jared Padalecki should totally be cast as? Carrot Ironfoundersson. (The wikipedia article doesn't do him justice. Trust me, it would be awesome.)
I had to watch part of American Beauty today in class. I have absolutely zero patience for these Willy Lowman stories. I've had to read Death of a Salesman three separate times for school, and I hate it more and more with every reading. I can't really argue that it has no value like I can with Pride and Prejudice, but still, if I ever profess to feel anything other than contempt and loathing for this type of literature, I would like someone to put me out of my misery.

We also watched part of Matilda. That was thoroughly enjoyable. I haven't watched that movie in ages and I noticed somethings. Like how the library she goes to looks like a cathedral. What happened to that? The places we keep books for public use used to be sacred. Actually, I guess the new library by my house does have a lot of the characteristics of modern church architecture. Still, there just aren't enough stained glass windows in my neck of the woods.
Have I mentioned that two of my classes were canceled, conveniently after the add/drop date? This leaves me with some time on my hands, which I am choosing to fill with lots of pointless but interesting research. Also, when [ profile] xtinethepirate made me that glorious shirt, I got inspired, and made some stuff: )

And I'm making stuff for the raffle @ Wincon!! I'm excited, I hope ppl like my stuff. So yeah, aside from vibrating with fangirlish anticipation, that's what I've been up to.

What should I dress up like for Halloween?
But I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant iiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!! *curses empty wallet*
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