Nov. 9th, 2011 11:07 pm
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Yule collection includes a series inspired by Frankenstein.

Soooooo, nobody told me about the website ScentBase. Why is this?

(Seriously, is there a reason? Because it's Ravelry for perfume, which is so up my alley it's appalling, and if they're going to take my first born child or turn me over to the FCC or the Church of Scientology, I need to know before I declare my affections.)



p.s. THE STORY BEHIND THE SHIRT! Paramount gave away these big Vulcan salute foam fingers at Comic Con, so naturally, [livejournal.com profile] c_dub_yah and I did this. Thus: Like our song, only it's a shirt. XD

p.p.s. I was interrupted mid-video which is why there's a jump and suddenly my hair's a mess. Not that kind of interrupted, though. I was just doing some heavy-lifting. XD
The Halloween BPAL update has arrived!! And omg, the folks at the Lab have got to be SPN fans. Or somethin'.

…blues falling down like hail
And the day keeps on remindin' me, there's a hellhound on my trail…

August 16th marks the day the Devil came to call on the King of the Delta Blues. Bay rum, bourbon vanilla, galangal, hyssop, High John the Conqueror root, tobacco, life everlasting, and brimstone.

And this one just kind of suits.

There was three men come out o' the west their fortunes for to try,
And these three men made a solemn vow, John Barleycorn must die,
They plowed, they sowed, they harrowed him in, throwed clods upon his head,
And these three men made a solemn vow, John Barleycorn was dead.

Barley, beer, blood, and whiskey.

Also, fans of porn. Or innuendo at least. But that's not exactly a surprise.

Terminal sugar rush. A little goblin's candy bag, upended. Smushed candy corn, rock candy dust, marshmallow gunk, strawberry goo, spun blue sugar, globs of salt water taffy, and lint.

And that reminds me I haven't made any banners in forever. I'll have to get on that.
BPAL! I has some! I got a bottle of Love's Philosophy, and imps of Whip, Aeval, and Pannychis; plus Himerus, Dee, and The Bow & Crown of Conquest, to try for Sam scents. For frimps I got Robin Goodfellow, Two Five & Seven, Dragon's Claw, and Chuparosa. Even the frimps seem terribly appropriate for me right now. I'm normally not this into Valentine's Day or romance at all, but I've just been a sucker for it lately. There's this couple I work with, and every time I hear GuyHalf talk about GirlHalf, I go all stupid and melty. He's the only non-single male I've ever known who doesn't spend 50-98% of his conversations complaining about his girlfriend. I've never heard him say a word against her. But anyways! I got an extremely bad head cold the day after my lovely BPAL arrived, so I've only gotten to try Love's Philosophy. Thus far my review of it is as follows: NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH. KHNA[O;IWERN. 9WR8HN. NNNNNNNGH. MOAR.

I have a new SONG OF MY LIFE OMG! song. It's by The Parlotones. Please excuse the talking at the beginning, it was hastily clipped out of a podcast, as I cannot seem to find a place to buy the cd.

I want this! I'm all about the voices of inanimate objects, and it's so adorable and proud! It's like, "Look! I changed!" But they don't ship outside the UK, and I couldn't find them anywhere else. Curse my lack of money and British citizenship! I went to my campus store for recycled notebooks instead. *iz a happy, but not ecstatic treehugger*

I'm all caught up on Torchwood!

Some news!

Jan. 14th, 2008 12:08 am
Well, I gave in to the allure of Lupercalia, like I do every year. When the chips are down, I'm just a big sappy idiot at heart. It was Love's Philosophy that did me in. It sort of vaguely resembles Monsterbait: Underpants if you squint. Regardless, I would like to blame [livejournal.com profile] xtinethepirate for this. She will know why soon. Also I got a six pack of imps, cuz ya know, might as well. While I'm ordering.

Abbie has been to the doctor and she now weighs 7 lbs, 3 oz, huzzah! Also, Oro and Fedora (other niece and big sister, if you recall) just got in today to meet her! (I was going to post the video, but the computer is not cooperating.) We saved all their Christmas presents and a few of ours and kept the tree up and had a second little Christmas tonight with them. It was fun. Plus, I got this necklace. V. appropriate for a Spn fangirl, oui?

[livejournal.com profile] mere_buff_4 has a blog here now! She's an amazing girl. *snuggles her*

I've been awful about commenting lately. Imma try to be better about that.

We had another poster dump at work. When I have the money to send them places, I'll post a list of what I grabbed and see if anyone here wants one. :)

MamaGoddess bought me these shoes because... I don't know why. She's awesome, perhaps?

I'm all registered for Comicon!

Tomorrow I shall bake a pie.

Right now I shall go to bed.
I have:

Love in the Asylum has those same marvelous roses in it as Knave of Hearts. And instead of sugary foody undertones, it's the tonka and tobacco. I'm in heaven. It's reminding me of the sex scene in this fic. There will be a banner soon.
Knave of Hearts )
Had workshop with Rachel Brice. No one understands what a big deal that is, it's like getting guitar lessons from Jimmy Hendrix or something. I'll tell more details when I'm less tired. How tired am I? I have a whole new order of BPAL that arrived very quickly, and I'm too tired to test it out. But I'm not too tired to read the scent descriptions and get all hot and bothered.

Also: look alive, fandom. Don't let Potterdämmerung keep you from raising hell. Or rather, don't let all the hell you raise be channeled into Potterdämmerung. Save some for these ElJay coots who think they can enforce a law meant to apply to physical space (and it's vague and ambiguous even then) on the internets.
#1 - BPAL Banners are organized and posted. [livejournal.com profile] mrsveteran, yours are there. That post will be updated with any new ones, and I'll just link to it when that happens.

#2 - The library called me. (I put in an application there for a substitute technician and they put my on this list, so every time they need work they call me, but so far I've never actually worked for them yet.) They want me to maybe work at the El Cajon branch with their summer program. I totally forgot to tell the woman on the phone that I'm gonna be out of town for 17 days at the end of this month. Every time the library thing comes up, I stress out. It's like ground rush, only it's adulthood I see screaming towards me. Fucking terrifying. Which is funny, because it takes like a year to get through the interview process with the county. I'm just scared that I'm gonna give up a job I love that works with my school schedule, for one that I hate that doesn't. I need to keep reminding myself that I can always say no thank you.

#3 - Did I tell you, flist, that I'm going to be out of town for 17 days at the end of this month? I leave for Thailand on the 29th with Fedora and Alejandro to visit my dad. I'll have an internet connection, but it will be slow.

#4 - Supernatural @ Comicon! On the day I'm going! And [livejournal.com profile] loveisimmortal and I can shake hands and say howdy and such!
2:45-3:45 Supernatural Screening and Q&A—Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki (House of Wax) and Jensen Ackles (Smallville)—along with executive producer Eric Kripke (Boogeyman), co-executive producer Ben Edlund (Angel), and co-executive producer Peter Johnson (DC Comics’ Supernatural: Origins comic book series)—answer questions from the audience, present a reel of highlights from Supernatural, and discuss the upcoming third season of this thrill-ride series with moderator Craig Tomashoff, West Coast Bureau Chief of TV Guide. Produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision in association with Warner Bros. Television, Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT on The CW. Room 6CDEF

#5 - What the hell am I gonna wear to Comicon?

Ah, July.

Jul. 6th, 2007 02:59 pm
Ants have invaded. They do this every year around this time. The heat is too much for their delicate ant constitutions or something.

The US can cease all meddling with the Middle East now, because all we have to do is hook me up to a refinery and we've got enough fuel for an army of hummers. I'm so goddamn oily right now. It happens when the heat picks up suddenly, it's disgusting. I can see it on my hand when I touch my forehead. Yuck. This stuff kinda helps, though. It has white clay in it. I need it in refinery strength.

Ordered some BPAL. You remember what I said about the year and mood changes? Guess what happens in summer. )

Also, it is International Kissing Day! Hundreds of smooches, flist!
My brother saw Sicko and is forcing me and Fedora to watch it. My brother's reaction to it surprised me because he's not one for socialized medicine (unlike me, what with me being a big communist) and he doesn't care for Michael Moore (like me, what with the emotional satisfaction of dirty fighting being not worth losing your moral high ground). But yeah, Alejandro liked it, and I thought it was pretty good too. But then again, big communist like me and all. And some of the points he made were more conceptual than practical which, most of my issues with privatized health care are conceptual, on-principle type problems.

I was anticipating this summer like crazy, and it has been wonderful so far. I'm actually getting stuff done now, instead of just running back and forth between work and school. I organized all my BPAL last night. I can has an imp box, ) and imps to trade: )

And while we're on the subject, three more banners. )

My family is going to the fair tomorrow, so I should really get to bed. Good night. :)

In the bottle it smells like boozed up Herr Drosselmeyer. I just ate fast food and the smell is all over my hands, so I'm gonna wait until later to try it on my skin. :)
Hardcore Sex? )

ETA: )

I just got paid and I am ordering that Dean-scent from BPAL right fucking now. And I'm gonna scour the site for a Sam-smell, mix them together and then I will be wearing the smell of Wincest.
Water of Notre Dame is hereby renamed "Jedi-Drugs" and/or "Yoda-Heroin" cuz it makes you all Jedi-like and serene, and is therefore hella addicting. And "Yoda-Heroin" just sounds cool. [/geek]



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