Ok, FINE, no one loves me enough to comment on my solo. *huffs*

Meanwhile, have some graphics.

Mostly sexy. )

The BPAL banners post has been updated with the following: )
So before I sit down to watch Supernatural, LOOK WHAT ALEJANDRO DID WITH HIS NINJA POWERS!!! )

Also, I forgot to mention, but my episode review for last week is here.

And the BPAL banners post has been updated with the following: )

My schedule this year is awesome. I'm taking human geography because I have put off that requirement for along time, and it's turning out to be an awesome class. Also, my bellydance class is Thursday, which gives me an excuse to take the whole day off from work and wail and wring my hands with the rest of the fangirls all day. Speaking of, [livejournal.com profile] echo_tiarra got me Nevermore for my birthday! I'm five chapters in and I have to say, I'm very pleasantly surprised.

Also, birthday! It is this Friday, I will be 22, and anyone who wants to do presents, plz to be seeing Heifer International. Also, if I miss birthdays, smack me. I love giving gifts, but I'm terrible with dates, so feel free to tap your foot at me and demand a present.

We got new cell phones today! Did I forget to tell ya'll that my phone was stolen? So if I should have your number, email it to me, because I don't. ^-^

BPAL banners has been updated with Knave of Hearts and Scherezade.

[Poll #1046682]
My brother saw Sicko and is forcing me and Fedora to watch it. My brother's reaction to it surprised me because he's not one for socialized medicine (unlike me, what with me being a big communist) and he doesn't care for Michael Moore (like me, what with the emotional satisfaction of dirty fighting being not worth losing your moral high ground). But yeah, Alejandro liked it, and I thought it was pretty good too. But then again, big communist like me and all. And some of the points he made were more conceptual than practical which, most of my issues with privatized health care are conceptual, on-principle type problems.

I was anticipating this summer like crazy, and it has been wonderful so far. I'm actually getting stuff done now, instead of just running back and forth between work and school. I organized all my BPAL last night. I can has an imp box, ) and imps to trade: )

And while we're on the subject, three more banners. )

My family is going to the fair tomorrow, so I should really get to bed. Good night. :)
My Dad was seized by a sudden urge to spend a stupidly exorbitant amount of money on me. (For serious, that's how it happened, I did not start this.) And thus I give you: Bolormaa! )

Also, I saw Pirates, at long last. I just about melted when Ragetti had his sexy moment. Oy. Also, I really liked how there were several shoutouts to the hardcore old skool days of sugary, inappropriate, virginal, rot-your-teeth, pirate romance. I wish I could find my old pictures for comparison. So very much of the stuff with Will and Elizabeth was just deliberately pulpy and cheesy and ravishing and heaving chests and such. And as convoluted as the plot was, I didn't roll my eyes until the parachute thingy after the big battle. Also, The Obligatory Asassin With The Facial Scar got tentacle raped to death. Which wouldn't be that big of a deal except for he got tentacle raped to death in a freaking Disney movie.

And since I'm thinking this is going to be a thing now, three new BPAL banners. )

All other banners I have made to date. )

And finally, what she said. Pornography has traditionally been used to reinforce our already extremely neurotic and fucked-up sexual culture, but it doesn't do so inherently. It can be used to heal and rejoice. I can't admit it, cuz I'd lose all my street cred and whatnot, but fandom has helped me grow far less cynical and pessimistic than I was in the past. (Like, when I was 11. I got started on my scar tissue young.)

Ah damn, I gotta go to bed.
I can has shiny new things on my profile!! Scroll down! I'm probably going to make truckloads more, they were a lot of fun. I love things like Storme's BPAL icons, but they are all so tiny. Most of the perfumes I like trigger a whole host of images and sensory memories. So yeah, made big banners. Anyone want some? Name a scent, and I'll do it. (It might not be accurate if I haven't actually smelled the scent, though.)



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