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Jul. 4th, 2011 02:53 pm
Now that the boobs icon has gotten your attention, if you know anything about X-men at all and are remotely into slash, go read As Ever by helens87 right this minute. It's so good, you guys. I had to put it down halfway through to have a good cry, then I picked it back up and had orgasms for days. It's that kind of delicious.

Oh, and happy 4th everybody! Exercise your hard-won liberties by reading the aforementioned porn! (No, for serious. I am truly, deeply grateful, every day, to live in a country where I can't be thrown in jail for my love of gay porn.)
People. Don't fail me now. I am trying to fill a prompt on [ profile] st_xi_kink_meme, and I need you to think back on your childhoods. I'm looking for a movie that is appropriate for or might be seen by a 6 - 8 year old child, that has an awesome kissing scene. Where there any you guys remember seeing that made a particularly lasting impression on you? Or that you remember being really intense? Or maybe a kissing scene in a book or comic book? I'll take it all.

[Poll #1566219]
The Wife arrives tonight! The hooker!Morgan fic is rolling right along! My wig for the Red Queen came out better than I expected! The guy on the cover of this issue of Filament looks kinda like Misha Collins...
Dear Criminal Minds Fandom,

How dare you call yourselves a fandom? You don't have any hooker AU's. Without hooker AU's, you are not a real fandom. I'm sure that's written down somewhere, and even if it isn't - for fuck's sake. Your show has a character with child molestation as part of his canonical background. And the actor who plays that character has let photographers do some pretty interesting things to him.* I can't believe you haven't run with that. I'm very, very disappointed in you.

You people are on your own, btw. I am not going to write your hooker AU's for you.**

                         Righteously Disgusted Perverted,

*Seriously, that last one? If he were my son, and he tried to leave the house like that, we would have words.

**I sketched out most of the plot on my break today, and I hope to have finished agonizing over the first part within two weeks.
ATLAAAAAAS! *collapses*
Right so, I'm on the internets, and I have several tabs of fic from assorted fandoms open, when I realize 'Hey, I haven't checked io9 today!' So I head on over there and I open up four or so tabs of articles. I read a couple and then I get to this one, and the first line gets me totally confused about which tabs are my fic tabs and which are my article tabs. For a minute I was like, 'Pfft! This author is terrible!' And then I was like, 'Maybe it's just the flimsy set up for some very PWP stuff.' And of course that prompted me to keep reading and then I was like ':OOOOOOOh. *facepalm*'

I didn't get much sleep last night, ok?
The instapaper app is the best thing ever. Now does anyone have any loooooooong juicy fics to rec me? Because I can read them later. XD (Speaking of long juicy fics, anyone who has even the slightest tolerance for NuTrek stuff should be reading the Atlas series by Angel Baby 1. It is delicious.)

Oh, dear.

Jun. 4th, 2009 05:49 pm
I trekkied again. *hangs head* Anyone want to beta apprx. 700 words of extra schmoopy K/S for me?
Title: Untitled
Author: [ profile] scary_lullabies
Beta: [ profile] xtinethepirate
Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing/Characters: Spock Prime
Rating: I hate ratings! I never know what to rate my fic.
Spoilers: Star Trek XI, nothing specific for TOS
Summary: For the barest moment, Spock forgets that he is old.
Author’s Note: "How did you find me?" seems like a very presumptive and illogical question, given everything Spock Prime must have deduced about the new timeline he was in. This is my take on what he was thinking when he asked it.

Untitled )

Does anybody think I should post this to a comm? I'm always a little terrified of posting my stuff to a comm.

Also, I need some Star Trek icons.
Spn stuff. )
Ok, there was this one SPN AU? And Dean was a firefighter? And Sam was living with Jess and at one point he got pissed cuz she forgot to pay the rent? And Dean left Sam money in the mailbox all addressed and formal-like? And some incubus-type thing was sucking the life out of Dean by coming to him as Sam in his dreams and sexing him up, but it fell in love with him? I think it might have been in 6 parts?

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Cuz I lost the link.


Jul. 30th, 2006 04:13 pm
[ profile] modillian is officially my most favoritest beta reader in the whole damn world. Hundreds of thousands of smooches and thanks to you, darling.

Title: Oneirataxia
Pairing: Jensen/Boyd
Rating: I suck at ratings. It feels R to me, but I'll say NC-17 to be safe.
Genre: AU, PWP, crack.
Summary: Follow up to AU drabble of desperate denial and alliteration.
Warnings: Boytits! Also angst, and extreme mushiness. I mean extreme. This would be a tawdry romance novel if it weren't for the kink. And then there's some weird religiosity that I'm sure will offend someone.
Inspired By: [info]algie, specifically [ profile] epithet and [ profile] raunch.
Author’s Note(s): Gratuitous angsty boytits porn. Click here for premise, and more extensive author's notes.

Oneirataxia )
My calves and forearms are stiff, and salt packets are the bane of my existance. Had my first day at the movie theater, and I loved it. But none of that matters just now, because I'm sobbing my brains out. I refuse to accept this, players. In fact I am so not accepting this that I wrote a drabble of non-acceptance. Notice it is classified as AU. How am I supposed to go on without an abused cross-dressing waif of a thing to sex up the manliest pretty boy ever and bring out all my maternal urges?

Title: Childlike
Author: Ara of [ profile] scary_lullabies
Pairing: Jensen/Boyd and Jensen/Jared
Rating: R, cuz it says teh c word omg.
Inspired by: [info]algie, specifically [ profile] epithet, [ profile] raunch, and [ profile] nerdlike. Also certain Hafiz poems, and books such as Are You My Mother? and The Missing Piece and The Giving Tree. And my weird, fucked-up, trapped-in-paradise, awkward/kinky side of innocence idea of what a Christian-based traditional-ish heaven is like. Basically, this is my kinky, whacked-out childhood.
Warnings: Un-beta'ed. Written after a good hour of crying. And I think some of this might qualify as non-con, but I'm not sure.
Note to [ profile] modillian: Not included in this week-long process we had planned, because it doesn't seem at all threesome-conducive.

Un-beta'ed Insta-Drabble. )



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