I am posting what Star Trek icons I have. I was planning to wait until I had more, but then I also had to wait to use any of them and I was getting impatient.

Icons! )
Ok, FINE, no one loves me enough to comment on my solo. *huffs*

Meanwhile, have some graphics.

Mostly sexy. )

The BPAL banners post has been updated with the following: )

Finals are at a horrible time of the semester. We should just have two midterms instead, because by the time we're that close to the end, I don't care anymore. I just want to be done. D's, F's, whatever; if it means we're done, I'm cool.

I got the bike! I've already put about 98 miles on it, and I ADORE it, but I haven't taken any pictures yet, because I'm silly. XD

Also, to celebrate the fact that I'm a dirty old lady who giggles at inappropriate moments in Sunday school: Beefcake!Sam )

Umm, that's all for now! More later!
Ok! So a hundred thousand years ago when I promised an icon post? This is that post. If you requested something of me and it's not here, I still like you and everything, I just probably forgot. Remind me.

Assorted. )

Also, have some pictures. )

And in other news, my fingerspelling midterm is tomorrow and my work life is brimming with awkwardness. Imma go study now.
So my ASL professor is taking a sick day tomorrow. Fingerspelling is my first class, so that means I get to sleep in later. Does that mean I'm going to be less tired than usual tomorrow? Of course not. It means I get to stay up later than usual and make this banner/header thingy: )

ETA: )


Feb. 1st, 2008 11:57 pm
[livejournal.com profile] mere_buff_4 commands me to post! And so I post! I am ever her devoted servant.

I am sick. Something is wrong with my foot. Also, I'm kinda freaking out because one of my bosses said she needs to talk to me tomorrow. No matter how well I behave, whenever someone says they need to talk to me, my immediate reaction is 'I didn't do it! Nobody saw me! I was young and foolish! I don't remember anything! The sheep are lying! I blame society!'

Still haven't seen Supernatural or Torchwood. :( My brother put Star Trek on the Netflix queue and has been force-feeding it to me every time I have a spare moment. I still haven't got rid of this cold enough to try my BPAL either. The world is conspiring to keep me from that which my soul loves.

So anyways, have some pieces of wisdom from my professors:

Oh jeez, it's a mac. What the hell I am supposed to do with a mac? Pray? - Prof. upon entering classroom and seeing the provided computer

You're made of the non-metal elements. You're not a robot. You don't go grrrr... *robot impression* ...Well, I mean, you can do that if you want, but you're still not a robot. - Prof.
Aww. *hangs head* - SomeGuy

And here's a funny song. ^-^

ETA: I will be making an icon post soon, I promise! It'll have requests and everything!
Come look @ me!

[livejournal.com profile] scary_lullabies

I decided I wanted something darker and more winter-ish. I'm not the biggest Evanescence fan in the world, but I loved that picture of Amy Lee. I'm not completely satisfied with it, I'm gonna keep tweaking it over the next couple days. For the life of me, I can't figure out why I can't see the little user chibi. I keep double checking everything and it should be fine. Any ideas?

Bonus points and extra smooches if you recognize the words in the header. ^-^
Episode 9 of season 2 of Blood Ties was awesome. So awesome in fact, that I iconed half the dialogue. )
Huzzah, I have actually participated in this fandom for the first time in a hundred zillion years! Much more worthwhile than working on some ridiculous essay.

It graces my sidebar now!
New computer and new monitor resolution = new desktop needed. Ta da!

I was playing around with where to move the first bit of words. Also, I looked up the lyrics and realized I had made a mistake, but I kinda thought my misunderstood version might be sexier?

In any case, the words are from the completely marvelous song Come Around by Marc Broussard.
[livejournal.com profile] iamstillthemoon has written many lovely things and sometimes I get to be the lucky one who gets to icon her brilliant stuff. :) Like these for example: )
I have been meaning to make some text icons since forever.

Ta Da! )


Jan. 23rd, 2007 02:24 am
You know what the world really needs? More boob icons. )

And you know, since I'm one of those dorks who still dresses up for the first day of school, have some goofy-ass pictures of me in hot rollers: )
I'm a lame fangirl. I made a banner. Somebody stop me with these damn lj cuts! )

Also: Wifeypants, the ball is in your court with the paid account renewing, cuz there's no work for me at the tax service, and pretty much no way I can come up with the money before the 18th. And even if I had 45$, the $208 I owe the library (Shuttup!) starts collecting interest at the end of January. If you can't, don't sweat it, just let me know and I'll take careful notes on how we have things set up, and we'll make do with a free account till we can pony up the dough.
Quotes From Last Year's Great Western War

NAELOR: I will now reach into my skirt and do a trick!
ARATHAIN: I've seen that trick!
NAELOR: Not when I do it.
ARATHAIN: Yuh-huh.
NAELOR: Well not as much as you could have and not nearly as often as you've wanted to!!

Also, I made a hot desktop.

Thank you. You may go.



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