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Also me and mine are all fine, no worries. :)


Apr. 29th, 2009 01:58 pm
I just had a

Salt butter caramel infused with rosemary.

It's from Chuao Chocolatier. I'm flabbergasted. I'm in awe. I may never be the same. I have never tasted anything so perfectly delicious in all my life. I'm ready to compose volumes of poetry and music dedicated to this confection. Omg.
First let me say that I am very proud of myself. I got through the whole weekend and the only part of me that is sunburned is the part in my hair. :)

Also, for some reason none of my video embedding is working, for photobucket or youtube, and it's deleting the rest of the entry when I try. So I'm just gonna link to the vids.

Random pics of things not directly related to me or anything that happened to me. )

Stuff wot I was actually involved in. Somewhat. )
The aforementioned Scientology protests? Here is a flickr set of the one that took place in San Diego. How much to I adore the Bob Marley sign? A fuckuva lot. XD
FLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIST. I have returned from TEH COMICON, where I saw ERIC KRIPKE and SERA GAMBLE and JENSEN ACKLES (Jared was not there, and the whole room went 'Aaaaaaawwww...') and BEN EDLUND, who is the most adorable pale skinny geek pirate ever. The whole was fucking awesome, which is actually not what I expected. I know you are all gasping in shock, and ready to disown me, but here's how it is. I'm from the old skool hardcore days when you just didn't talk about fandom. I've always been very hush-hush about my fangirlishness, and cons and panels and such make me squirmy and embarrassed. Don't ask me to explain this, it's just some deeply ingrained shame that I have to deal with.

Panel! )

I was supposed to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] loveisimmortal, but that didn't actually happen (see below). I saw her from a distance and waved and hollered, but alas, no quality time.

I went to Horton Plaza to get food, because I hadn't eaten since I gave blood that morning. (P.S. The goodie bag they give you for giving blood at Comicon is pretty cool. My brother now has an awesome Picard action figure. He came with a flute and everything.)

After a slice of the most delicious pizza in all creation, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] grimmus and he was his usual badass self. He was squeeful because he got several of his comics and graphic novels signed. Whenever I hang out with him, he just ends up following me around while I faff about and spend money. Comicon is no exception, I guess. But my own failboat aside, he is very good company for several reasons, not the least of which is that he is very gentlemanly.

And now I am home, eating butter fudge, loving my new shoes, and vaguely stressing about the fact that I am not even half packed to go to Thailand tomorrow. I'll try to post tomorrow before we leave. :)



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