This just in from Generally known all over the crafting world:


This news is causing continues to cause loud and frequent bouts of profanity all across the globe, particularly in my kitchen.
I have indeed engaged in some social interaction of late,* but largely I have spent my time obsessing dangerously over Torchwood and Gareth David-Lloyd. And John Barrowman, but that's more of a constant, background hum of an obsession. But see, then there's Gareth David-Lloyd, and together they form CAPTAIN PLANET!! )


Sep. 8th, 2009 12:16 am
OMG people, I am just bursting with creativity right now. I am going to make myself a utility belt that can hold all my stuff and have detachable tassels so that I can dance @ SCA events and be fashionable w/o leaving everything in my tent or on the ground around the fire. I am also going to make the most awesome Star Trek sweater in the history of ever: it will be classy and subtle, but all the GQMFs shall know it when they see it and marvel at my knitting and Trekkie prowess. Also, I am writing like three fics right now, I finally found a pattern for the yarn Flora Pecosa and Calodaemon bought me when I performed their wedding, and I'm gonna make some awesome yoga pants. Go me.
No laptop until the 26th. And then it will be from Costco, not newegg, as I had wished. :(

But I'm almost done with my sweater! Just the button band and collar to go!


So I guess I was totally lying when I promised to stop talking about Star Trek. But I'm going to start catching up on Spn tonight, I promise.


May. 18th, 2009 12:42 am
Omg, FUCK THIS LAST ESSAY, MAN. I rilly, rilly want to have it done before Monday night so that before class on Tuesday, I can go to the crybaby matinee at my work instead of staying home and working on it all morning. We keep the lights up a little in the crybaby and this week it's Star Trek, so I was going to bring some knitting and start making Scotty's hat. I'm not even half done yet. This prompt is STUPID.
Ok, I know I'm spamming, but I think you should all know that I was just looking at the ravelry stash gallery for Malabrigo sock yarn, and I actually moaned aloud.

ETA: I forgot to set the scene! I'm in the library on campus. This contributes to the embarrassment/humor/exhibitionism.
I'm tired. I like posting my SPN episode reactions as audio files instead of typing them. Why has Ravelry been invaded by 80's patterns?
Step 1) Receive news of upcoming promotion and pay raise.
Step 2) Go hog wild and spend entirely too much money on stash enhancement.
Step 3) ???
Step 4) PROFIT!!
Ok! So a hundred thousand years ago when I promised an icon post? This is that post. If you requested something of me and it's not here, I still like you and everything, I just probably forgot. Remind me.

Assorted. )

Also, have some pictures. )

And in other news, my fingerspelling midterm is tomorrow and my work life is brimming with awkwardness. Imma go study now.

w00t w00t!

Mar. 13th, 2008 01:11 am
Alejandro's Trekkie Sweater is complete! )


Mar. 11th, 2008 08:49 pm
Omg, I feel like I have no internets focus. I want to talk about fandom, about rl, about bellydance and knitting and world peace. I have also been meaning to do a picspam and an icon post! Plus I still haven't mailed [ profile] iamstillthemoon's hedgepig because I suck! Gah!

Wincon should have a costume ball. With prizes for things like "Most Canonical." Also, in the future, I should not know anything about or make any plans for Wincon until, like, a week beforehand. I have trouble concentrating, I'm looking forward to it so very much.

And speaking of, Abbie is clearly a Dean girl: )

I am so in love with this place. Their salads are amazing and their service is wonderful and their premade food is cheap and delicious and healthy and perfect for taking to work or school.

I'm gonna change my layout right after I post this. I think I'm going to use something from [ profile] thefulcrum. I hardly ever just copy and paste a whole layout without tweaking it to suit me, but I really like her designs.


I have spun up the fiber I bought when I was being bad, and determined that it is too light colored for Juno Regina. So I bought some Briar Rose Angel Face in these gorgeous deep reds for it. It'll have this combination Little Red Riding Hood/majestic thing going on.

The other day MamaGoddess took Alejandro to Costco with her. He got a 4 pound bag of Jolly ranchers, which went straight up to his room when they got home. This morning he comes downstairs and goes, "Dude, my mouth has a pH of like, 2."

This wasn't the picspam I had planned, but what the hell. I've been wanting an excuse to post random bellydance pictures for a while now. I've collected these over the years off of various websites and without ever writing down any proper credit or anything like that, because I'm a lazy bum. None of them are mine, I'll just say that.
Bellydance picspam! )
(And hopefully these demonstrate that if a bellydancer were to do her thing in a strip club, s/he would probably be booed off the stage. So if I meet you and I tell you I bellydance, do not respond immediately with some comment about stripping, strip classes, or your friend/ex who is a stripper.)

Now that I've got all that out, maybe I can do something constructive for a change.
My review for episode 11 is posted. XD

I need a new layout.

ETA: Exactly how nerdy does it make me if I knit this scarf so that the binary in it reads "Sammy loves Dean! 4-ever!" ? Pretty nerdy, right? I shouldn't do that.
Well, I really need some Briar Rose yarn. Actually, I need lots of Briar Rose yarn. Right now.

I've started watching Torchwood. *facepalm* This is what you do to me, Spn hiatus/strike. I get so hungry for some sweet and somewhat subtle brotherlove, I gnaw my nails down and roll around on the floor, moaning and chewing on furniture, until I get so desperate that I turn to the BBC. Well, ok, I don't roll around on the floor. Torchwood: instead of being subtle and brotherly, it just has obvious rampant gayness. "Wanton" is the word I would like to use here, actually. Anyways, it's some good light entertainment.

Tonight Alejandro and Fedora went and got Guitar Hero III. *facepalm, headdesk* They've been playing it for... 5 hours and counting. I'm ready to kill Pat Benetar.

Today, [ profile] mere_buff_4 told me she was feeling awesome. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside. S'been too long since she felt good, sez aye. Clearly, this catapulted me into the happy place of talking like a pirate.

And now for some cooey, gooey, baaaaaaaby Abigail time!

It's long, yes. Movie Maker wouldn't let me clip it, and I'm too lazy to look for other software. Anyway, her eyes are so gorgeous. I can't get over them. That's MamaGoddess narrating, and Plumie holding her, btw.
[Poll #1114440]

On the one hand, self-striping yarn in stripes is awesome. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are not so flattering.

I look good in red. And that blue is gorgeous. But pink is a more traditional pin-up sweater color. *ponders*

ETA: I should probably add that I totally plan on wearing the pin-up sweater and some little reading glasses and these shoes all over Wincon next year and proclaiming to all within earshot that I have dressed up as that which keeps Dean from driving Sam crazy while he researches things. Practically canoninical, yes?
Omg, it feels like I haven't posted in forever. *clings to flist*

I think my little absence is best explained with pictures. )
Dude. Abigail, my soon-to-be niece is breach. We've known that for a while, and they've been doing that thing where they try to get her to turn by poking at my sister's middle, but it hasn't worked, she's apparently nice and comfortable in her current position. So they went ahead and tested the viability of her lungs and then scheduled a c-section. FOR THIS WEDNESDAY. DAY AFTER TOMORROW. HOLY CRAP. I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING KNIT FOR HER YET. *falls over*


Dec. 4th, 2007 07:59 pm
In the Funny Because It's True Department:
Cthulu and Flying Spaghetti Monster endorse this policy.

In the Funny Because It's Motherfucking Awesome Department:
Hooray! Ppl are paying attention to me!
There is not a cell in me that does not covet this sweater pattern despite the fact that it probably won't flatter me at all.

LOOK! SHO CUTE!! I want to knit that for MamaGoddess. She cried when her teacher read Charlotte's Web in third grade. And the reminder that she is very, very special wouldn't hurt either.
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