Oh boy.

Jul. 17th, 2010 02:56 am
Apparently the Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting at Comic-Con.

This blog post! My friend Jay and I got all choked up at work talking about this. I don't know why I care about this so much, it's not like I give much credence to religion, I just... I don't know. The picture at the end just kills me.

I have decided that on the last day of twitposting, I will spam post to make up for all the days I missed.

Here is a picture of some loose plans for makeup for Pride:

Eh hem.

Aug. 6th, 2009 06:36 pm
Bought a copy of Filament even though I totally cannot afford it right now. They're trying to sell 320 some-odd copies of their first issue so that they can afford a printer who is not afraid of penises. It's good for the economy and the future of porn! And I can eat ramen for a couple weeks in service of such noble ends.

Donika brought me red velvet cupcakes. I'll have to think of something to bring her next time around. :)

ETA: Homemade pop tarts! I'll bring her some homemade pop tarts.
I want to blog in support of the Iranian people, but the only things I can think to say are either idiotically obvious (example: Omg, this is a fucking atrocity!) or fantastically inappropriate. (example: THIS PICTURE IS FUCKING BADASS. THE WOMEN ARE COMING TO SMACK YOUR FACE UP, BASIJI.) I'm just going to try to keep up on things and go to the protests if I can.
If you can tell me where my title is from you get kisses and extra points. XD

I just wanted to say how sad I am about Prop 8. I usually try to talk about politics in a way that is devoid of emotion in order to avoid making a purely emotional argument with no logic behind it, but I'm not sure I can help myself in this case. Prop 8 directly regards my emotional life, and it regards it as inferior to the emotional lives of heterosexual people. I have to wonder just how far that inequality extends in the eyes of the law. If I'm raped, am I less violated than a straight woman would be? If my house is burgled and my belongings are stolen, is my anger less valid than a straight person's anger? Does the poor state of the economy frighten me less than it frightens straight people? On September 11th, when America's sense of safety was shattered, was I less horrified than straight people were? I can't imagine that anyone would answer those questions in the affirmative, but if the answer is no, then why am I less when I'm in love? And what about my family? According to Prop 8, my straight sisters and brother and parents are all superior to me: their emotions posses some quality that mine do not, one that legitimizes their relationships and families. Does that mean that I love my little brother less than my straight siblings, less than any straight person could? Do I love my baby niece less? Do I love my nephew less? Was I less devastated when he died? If anyone were to approach me in public or private and state such a thing to my face, I have to say that knowing myself, knowing how much I miss my nephew every day, I would probably be throwing punches. What am I supposed to do when over half of my home state, my home, is telling me these things? More than I feel angry or deprived at the limitations imposed on me by the law, I feel unwelcome. And I don't know what to do with that, because I really do love California, and the United States. I want so, so badly to be proud of where I come from, but how can I be, when the place I come from is so obviously ashamed of me?

I felt all those same emotions and had all those same concerns before, but having that right acknowledged and given, and then taken away by popular demand heightens them in a way I hadn't anticipated. I'm usually coated in a layer of thick Teflon cynicism, but this is just getting to me.

That said, I am happy that Obama won. Or rather, I'm happy that McCain lost. I didn't vote for Obama for a variety of reasons, mostly because I am strictly a third party voter, and I live in a very blue state, so it doesn't really matter. But seeing as how the choice this time around was between two candidates who don't support my right to marry, but one of whom thinks that women who are raped by, let's say Osama Bin Laden for inflammatory purposes, should be forced to have his babies... I'm glad the other guy won. And the Daily Show/Colbert Report coverage was lots of fun. So was BBC World News. Also, I'm very, very happy that it's over. And... that's all, I'm done.


Dressing up as Eve would be easy as hell: white dress, blue eye shadow and liner, and if you weren't feeling subtle, a black mask. I thought of this because I have four days of Comicon to attend this year. Much of my free time is now spent thinking 'WTF will I WEAR!?!' I'm deep like that, ya know. XD
The aforementioned Scientology protests? Here is a flickr set of the one that took place in San Diego. How much to I adore the Bob Marley sign? A fuckuva lot. XD
Everyone knows about this, right? I'm sure responses are going to be mixed, as for me, this is one of those things that's going to keep me riding high for weeks. Especially this report from London. (One of the more enthralling and intimidating chants that kept occuring was ripped off 300: "ANONYMOUS! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?" 500 people: "AROOUGH! ARROOUGH! ARROUUGH!") I just... sometimes the internets are so unbearably awesome!! It's like the apple thing, only 7,000 times better! It makes me happy to be a human and an internets person.
Supreme Court backs nationwide ban on abortion procedure. And see, during the Victorian Era/Gilded Age in America, the prostitution business boomed. Why? Well, lots of reasons. Sexual repression, certainly. But also, this was when kids and educating them started to get expensive. And any type of abortion, birth control, or family planning was Not Done and also illegal. (Unless you were very, very wealthy in which case you could purchase "French methods" for preventing pregnancy.) So yeah. Can't afford 12 kids, can't (get people to) stop having sex, so, prostitutes saw lots of clients during that time. $2,000 a night sometimes, in Gilded Age dollars, mind you. Blah blah moral downfall, but on the other hand, this was a good thing, because once prostitutes could make that kind of money, the brothel owners, pimps, and the few independent prostitutes could afford to give the police some significant kickbacks. And once the police were getting big kickbacks, pimps and brothel owners and independent prostitutes could do business close to police stations (in San Diego the red light district was located right across the street from the SDPD office), making the police more available to prevent and deal with the violence that comes with the prostitution industry. And that was all taking place back then. Now America is now a really, really skanky culture and there is no way that anyone will be able to stop us from having sex, and it is even more ridiculously expensive to have and educate kids, making prostitution a more likely option once all of our reproductive choices have been stripped from us, and potentially making cops with kids to support easier to bribe. So we look to be headed back to the Golden Age Of Prostitution. Furthermore, because this is the 21st century and lube is more readily available, I assume that along with prostitution, some gay sex will be used to supplement the pesky, soon-to-be-inevitably-baby-making hetero kind of sex. So in conclusion: America is a compassionate, caring, and sexy country that wants better working conditions for prostitutes, and an increase in gay sex. And we're a modest country, so that's why news of this wonderful goal is not plastered all over everything like it should be.

That's how far my brain had to go to make this a useful, let alone positive, thing.
HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, "TEARDROP" BY MASSIVE ATTACK IS THE OPENING CREDITS SONG FOR HOUSE. I must've seen House eighty-seven times and never heard the opening credits until now. That song is divine, seraphical, bliss in auditory form.

Also, I just saw The Legend of Zorro. Zorro swats a few of the baddies with Democracy-In-A-Box. (That's the box that has the vote slips in it, for you mundane types.) I think that's awesome. There should be a video game of American politics, with all the major players in it, as characters you can choose to be. And the weapons would make sense, like for example; if you're the president, you can have VETO as a weapon, and if you're playing online with other players, you can combine your powers to become the MAJORITY OVERRIDE weapon. And so if you were the president you could like, use the media and other resources to create an obstacle course to try and keep other players from getting together and doing that. The obstacle course would be made up of RUMORS and SCANDAL and PETTY STUPID ISSUES THAT ARE POINTLESS BUT PEOPLE GET RILED UP ABOUT THEM AND TAKE SIDES ANYWAY. And the mods for the game (if playing online) would be the Supreme Court. [insert witty Alito joke or pun here] And at some point, say around the time that most of the players are screaming about how SOME ONE STOLE THEIR FUCKING CLOUDSONGS and running around in the maze, and the president player is laughing maniacally about how brilliant he is at using birth control and babies to control when ppl have sex and who they have sex with and who gets HIV and who says what to Middle Eastern shoe salesmen, the Anarchists and Ancient Greeks can sneak up on him and hit him in the head with their weapon: DEMOCRACY-IN-A-BOX. Or maybe "BOX O' DEMOCRACY" is catchier. To quote Eddie Izzard: "Could be a whole series...... With a lot of complaints."

Heart is being painstakingly repaired. Part of the sutures got fucked up and had to be redone, but it's coming along nicely. With the help of the fic I'm writing.



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