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Jul. 4th, 2011 02:53 pm
Now that the boobs icon has gotten your attention, if you know anything about X-men at all and are remotely into slash, go read As Ever by helens87 right this minute. It's so good, you guys. I had to put it down halfway through to have a good cry, then I picked it back up and had orgasms for days. It's that kind of delicious.

Oh, and happy 4th everybody! Exercise your hard-won liberties by reading the aforementioned porn! (No, for serious. I am truly, deeply grateful, every day, to live in a country where I can't be thrown in jail for my love of gay porn.)
I do not have to energy to make a Wincon post that will do this weekend any kind of justice yet, but I needed to pass on this rec as soon as humanly possible:

Go read The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan right fucking now. It is awesome. It is Cerberus' litter of adorable, killer, three-headed, half-poodle puppies. It's the baby that would be conceived by Firefly's self-hating, scorching hot sex with V for Vendetta. And if that's not enough: it's paced almost flawlessly, and it laughs at itself subtly and beautifully.

Read. This. Book.
The instapaper app is the best thing ever. Now does anyone have any loooooooong juicy fics to rec me? Because I can read them later. XD (Speaking of long juicy fics, anyone who has even the slightest tolerance for NuTrek stuff should be reading the Atlas series by Angel Baby 1. It is delicious.)


Aug. 1st, 2008 01:56 am
Besame' Cosmetics, home the totally worth it $18 lipstick I am wearing in the Comic-Con pics, is having a $6 closeout sale! Hurry and go buy! I can't recommend their products enough.
Weeeee! I just bought my plane ticket to Wincon! I'm so excited!! Comic-Con made the anticipation more intense somehow. I mean, the two are nothing alike, but they make me feel the same when they are done. I get back home and I remember I need to check my work schedule, and it's like, 'Wow, non-convention life is lame.' And then I immediately commence the elaborate fantasies about buying a big piece of land and having a commune of geeks and fangirls. We'd have a vegetable garden. And alpacas and angora goats. And Angelina Jolie would be our security guard and protect us from The Man. *happy sigh*

Oh, and btw, The Common Fate of All by [ profile] gretazreta is so brilliant I can barely stand it. Does anyone know how to go about getting a book bound? Because I want this on my shelf. It's one of those ones that moved me and shit. It's very intensely visual and it calls me back to my disturbed and depressed days when I thought about suicide a lot and was terrified of everything, but reminds me of the happy ending those days came to. They were bad crazy times, but I appreciated beautiful flowers a lot more back then. (I'm not trying to be poetic or anything, I mean I really just appreciated flowers. WTFever, just read this fic; you'll understand and you won't regret it.)
Why is the internet full of such beautiful and expensive things?!?

Also, these (NSFW) are maybe not beautiful per se, and they're not that expensive either, but I want them. They're just so... practical. Practicality is very sexy.

Zombie Strippers opens in L.A. April 18th. *eyeballs [ profile] notthequiettype and [ profile] loveisimmortal*
I tried to resist, because stuff that says Gypsy on it is kinda hokey, but even the tins are fair trade and it's OM NOM NOM NOM NOM SO GOOD.

I tripped over this poll on my friendsfriends list. The hypothetical presented is probably too good to be true, but like so many educated 20-something females reading Jane Austen, I'm indulging in the fantasy. *wistful sigh*


Mar. 11th, 2008 12:48 pm
Way to achieve Nirvana:
Eat tiramisu while reading this porn.
So my ASL professor is taking a sick day tomorrow. Fingerspelling is my first class, so that means I get to sleep in later. Does that mean I'm going to be less tired than usual tomorrow? Of course not. It means I get to stay up later than usual and make this banner/header thingy: )

ETA: )
Tomorrow! No work + New Supernatural + free and extra bellydance class = HOT DAMN!

[ profile] technosage has ruined me for all other pr0nz, forever. Of course, I always feel like that after she posts Break Loose. Then some time passes, then she posts some more, and I am proven wrong.

No one should be this attractive. )
I usually don't like handmade soaps. They are almost always too drying for my skin, and I'm an oily bugger, so that's something. But ZOMG I cannot recommend Nomenclature Bath enough, especially The Salty Sisters soaps. I bought a bar of soap from them at Oktoberfest, but I hadn't used it until now, and it's AWESOME, ya'll.

I'm developing this terrible urge to record podfic. *facepalm*

Oh, and I almost forgot: ( SPN EPISODE REVIEW )
So finally I am done with work and school for the week, which is good, because I've been puttering around campus and the theater with this big stupid grin on my face, looking like a complete tool while my brain shouts "100% MORE BUTTSEX! ALOE VERA ASSHOLE! DON'T FOLD ME UP! 100% MORE BUTTSEX! 'HONK' SAID THE IMPALA. THEIR LOVE IS SO TRUUUUUE!" at me.

The sum of many a fic.

It is a perfect rainy day for reading squishy-warm fic. ^-^

Is it next year yet?
SO. AHEM. I heard this little rumor that there's a new Spn comm in town.

♥♥♥ [ profile] spn_reviews [ profile] spn_reviews [ profile] spn_reviews ♥♥♥

You should all go check it out and join and whatnot. There are lots of spiffy ppl there. I put my actual review there, and it has pictures and everything. Go check it out!
I have been meaning to make some text icons since forever.

Ta Da! )
*loves on Jared*

I just want to say that I love this bit of squish and Wincest so much that I'm reworking my hoodie to be a wearable shrine to it. I'm not even kidding. I've read and re-read it at least 15 times and I only discovered it maybe 10 days ago. Please send help.
Well. Ahem. I have library books due tomorrow. And big magick too.

I've been quiet for a few days. Not because I was angsting, but rather because I have been completely consumed by the awesome of this wincesty goodness. It has amnesia and an evil macadamia ranch in it. My favorite bit? ) I read the first three chapters (or what I thought were the first three) of this verse a while ago, perhaps before it was a full-on verse.
Imagine my delight when I go back and discover a frillion more fics, each more brilliant than the last.

Speaking of even more brilliant than the last, this week's chapter of [ profile] inagadda is my favorite chapter yet. I can't say enough about this fic. I really can't. Keyboard smash.

Autumn-y Ficcish Thoughts )

So, in conclusion: marvelous mood, especially now, because I closed the theater with Kasey, Second Most Awesome Male On The Planet, tonight. Ten minutes with him, and the world is yours for the taking.
In a general post to the world that I'm sure everyone is so bored by that they absentmindedly begin to drill holes in their skulls using sharpened bamboo are totally interested in, I would like to announce the following:


I am all registed for school this semester. I have been reduced to taking intersession classes because the govenator sucks large hairy testicles. I can only take three classes because three classes already brings me up to $280. I shall have to take summer classes, as me and my family cannot spare so much money all at once. But anyways, I'm already planning what to do for my intermediate ASL final project. (We sign a song or story or both and it must be 6-10 minutes long. Most ppl do 2 songs, or a song that means alot to them, with an explanation of why it means so much. I want to do Stargazer by The Tea Party and Adam Laye Ibounden by the Mediaeval Baebes, for Miles.)

Speaking of Miles, I had a dream last night that Flora Pecosa and Calodaemon had another kid. I only remember a few moments in the dream. I was laying on the floor in Flora Pecosa's apartment with my knees bent, and my niece or nephew (Can't remember which, it wasn't important to the dream. And shouldn't there be a genderless word for that? Sibling, spouse, cousin, [blank]??) was sitting on my stomach. S/he wiggled up to sitting on my chest and leaned forward to talk to me. S/he said something about "[his/her] brother in heaven." I looked at Flora Pecosa and she was crying a happy cry. Then I told him/her something, but I can't remember what, and then I woke up.

On a lighter note, I have written many a Brokeback Mountain ficlet. I doubt they will be posted, as I am shy. But I would like to rec the unbearably good Forever by the brilliant [ profile] trollsttroll. *swoon swoon swoon* It is, by far, my favorite Brokeback Mountain fanfic.

I had another dream a few nights ago, that I think I can claim, without arrogance, makes me the Reigning Queen of Kink Excluding Urine and/or Fectal Matter. (Kink for me is always excluding urine and/or fecal matter. I just don't get it. Allow me to explain: most kinks or fetishes....well most kinks or fetishes I share in. If I don't share in them [they do nothing for me], then I at least understand them. I have either known someone with that kink, or done enough research on it to understand it. Not so with urine and/or fecal matter. Don't get it. I'm afraid to research it because I think some of the stuff I read might haunt me forever or make me nauseous and therefore make me look weak and unmanly.) Siriusly now, if this dream hadn't been so hot, it would have been very disturbing.

I just called up my old boss at the tax service to hit her up for work. Got message machine. Will call tommorrow.

Also, would anyone like us to start using tags? I don't think we're popular enough to, but hey I'll put them on this entry. In the same vein, our paid account expires the 18th. Must find work.



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