Me: I guess she was asking him what color my nipples were, and he didn't know, so he asked me.

[ profile] dealated: Did you say 'Black like my soul?'

Hot Fuzz

Jun. 18th, 2010 04:27 am
Simon Pegg is almost obscenely sexy in that movie.
I wore these to the midnight show:

The things I do for you, RDJ.

And the second thing is about sex. )
Dear Criminal Minds Fandom,

How dare you call yourselves a fandom? You don't have any hooker AU's. Without hooker AU's, you are not a real fandom. I'm sure that's written down somewhere, and even if it isn't - for fuck's sake. Your show has a character with child molestation as part of his canonical background. And the actor who plays that character has let photographers do some pretty interesting things to him.* I can't believe you haven't run with that. I'm very, very disappointed in you.

You people are on your own, btw. I am not going to write your hooker AU's for you.**

                         Righteously Disgusted Perverted,

*Seriously, that last one? If he were my son, and he tried to leave the house like that, we would have words.

**I sketched out most of the plot on my break today, and I hope to have finished agonizing over the first part within two weeks.
Fetlife is having a sweet-ass giveaway for Christmas! Some of the corsets on there are GORGEOUS. Don't even get me started on the collars. Go sit on Santa's lap!
When she bites her arm, it undoes me.

Re: SEX!

Nov. 26th, 2007 12:40 pm
Purely for curiosity's sake:

[Poll #1095408]
For serious, the answers I have gotten to this question in RL are fascinating. Bonus points if you upload and link me in comments!

Also, I feel I should mention that the level of gay at my place of work has recently skyrocketed. I have seen more boytouching in the last month than I have ever seen outside of Ecstasies or the like. Mind you, this is not an influx of new hires or anything, these are guys I have worked with for almost two years, just randomly deciding that the best thing to do is grope and kiss each other. I think Santa has determined that I've been a very good girl.



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