Aug. 12th, 2011 07:58 pm
So I've hit that point of the summer wherein I do shit all, all day. I stay up until about 6:30 am, go to bed, sleep till noon, because for some reason my mind thinks it's shameful to sleep past noon (note - 5.5 hours is not enough sleep for meeeee), but I stay in bed until 3 pm reading comics and porn anyways, because that totally doesn't count, get up, go to work, come home @ 1 am, dick around on the computer for about 5 hours, rinse and repeat. I'm not exercising as much as I need and want to, like, not even walking. I'm dehydrated because I can't even be arsed to drink enough water. I'm all achy and sore from laying in bed all day. A lot of those comics I'm reading are things I've read before, because my brain doesn't even want any new stimulation. I do this every year before it's time to go back to school. It's like I'm trying to relax as hard as I fucking can before my schedule fills up, even though doing this doesn't make me feel very good overall.

I've been agonizing over whether or not to post this. I've improved a lot since the beginning of the semester, but it's still pretty embarassing. You can totally hear how nervous I was every time I sing "away." But on the other hand, my outfit is pretty cute. I look like a nice girl. :P


May. 19th, 2009 06:42 pm
So I had this great plan. I was going to finish my very last paper of the semester last night. The class it is for is tonight. I would spend today watching Star Trek at our Crybaby matinee, chilling the fuck out, and knitting, instead of frantically trying to finish the paper all day. But it ended up that I couldn't finish it last night. I got aaaaaaaalmost all the way done before I hit the wall. But! No matter, I would have a couple hours today between Star Trek and class to finish it up.

I ended up rewriting the entire thing. And now it sounds like it was written by Spock. I have no idea whether or not that is an improvement.


May. 18th, 2009 12:42 am
Omg, FUCK THIS LAST ESSAY, MAN. I rilly, rilly want to have it done before Monday night so that before class on Tuesday, I can go to the crybaby matinee at my work instead of staying home and working on it all morning. We keep the lights up a little in the crybaby and this week it's Star Trek, so I was going to bring some knitting and start making Scotty's hat. I'm not even half done yet. This prompt is STUPID.
Ok, I know I'm spamming, but I think you should all know that I was just looking at the ravelry stash gallery for Malabrigo sock yarn, and I actually moaned aloud.

ETA: I forgot to set the scene! I'm in the library on campus. This contributes to the embarrassment/humor/exhibitionism.
Every time I have to take any kind of literature class, I find myself reconsidering an "Only God Will Judge Me" tattoo.
My neck is extremely stiff. And I still haven't gotten rid of this cold. IDEK anymore.

In the good news department, my tax refund is going to be about $700. That may not seem like a lot to some, but I'm kind of giddy and overwhelmed with it. I dunno what I'm gonna do with all that money. XD

Also, I think I'm changing my major to either fiber arts or Middle Eastern dance. This will be the fifth time I've changed, but I've decided I don't care. The library science program doesn't care what your bachelor's is in, so it doesn't matter if I study something awesome and totally impractical. The Man and his Three Piece Suit can just bite my voluminous ass. *rocks out*
I am sooooooooooooooooooooo siiiiiiiiick. Hopefully the zombie apocalypse will come and put an end to me before I have to go to work and start school tomorrow. *_*
Holy shit it's [livejournal.com profile] brynwulf's birthday! Applause, ppl! She's amazing! Happy birthday!

I have spent all day reading fic. Literally ALL DAY so far. This is partially because I was away at Wincon (I like saying it like that, like Wincon is a prestigious institute of some kind. WHICH IT TOTALLY IS.), and Wincon is so awesome that fic-reading gets put on hold while one attends to it. (HEE!) And also I didn't have a laptop with me. Then, the Monday after Wincon, I started my short term classes, and had this weird 7 - Midnight shift @ work. Then Tuesday I had to take a two hour train ride to the San Diego county HR department to take a test that will qualify me for 5 or 6 different clerical positions. Also on Tuesday my mp3 player crashed and came back missing all my vids, playlists, pictures and about 200 tracks. Then Wednesday I had my Class Voice midterm, babysat Abbie, formatted the mp3 player, and have spent every spare moment since rebuilding my music library. And in a couple hours I will go to work so that I can work the midnight shows of Saw V and High School Musical 3. So I figured I deserved a good 6 hours of fic-reading.

The series of events discussed above have also prohibited any kind of Wincon write-up. But I promise it's coming! I have tomorrow off from both school and work, which is pretty much the eighth wonder of my tiny universe, so I will be getting stuff done!

Finals are at a horrible time of the semester. We should just have two midterms instead, because by the time we're that close to the end, I don't care anymore. I just want to be done. D's, F's, whatever; if it means we're done, I'm cool.

I got the bike! I've already put about 98 miles on it, and I ADORE it, but I haven't taken any pictures yet, because I'm silly. XD

Also, to celebrate the fact that I'm a dirty old lady who giggles at inappropriate moments in Sunday school: Beefcake!Sam )

Umm, that's all for now! More later!
[livejournal.com profile] caithream has summed up my thoughts beautifully. She's awesome like that. However, I do want to say... )

In other news, I don't think I'll be surfacing again until I'm done with the semester. (Which isn't until JUNE 2ND WTF!?! Why are all you people done a MONTH before I am?!) I'll try to comment on stuff, though. I miss my interwebs friends. T_T
I just totally bombed on the second exam in one of my classes. (I bombed on the first one as well.) And by "bombed" I mean there were essay questions involved, we're given, like, five pages to write our answer on, so he expects five pages, right? And I wrote, "I apologize, but I am unprepared to answer this question." On the bright side, it's my fuckfaced anti-semitic [fingerquotes] teacher [/fingerquotes] we're talking about here, and it's his fault I was unprepared this time. On our syllabus, the exam is scheduled for next Monday. I pointed this out, he said "Oh, yeah, sorry," and stared at me expectantly.

Coddle me, flist. Show me pictures of pretty things, tell me it was all that nasty ode pwofessuhs fault, and rec/give me some good jazz music. Plz.
Isn't it amusing how the horrible, shitty professors always think that college students just don't go to class? Like, in general? Because of course, you've just had classes full of slackers your entire career. It couldn't be your truly unbelievably condescending attitude towards, um, everyone, or your recitation of dates and names with no explanation as to why they are relevant to the subject, or the heinous little chuckle you give every student who asks you a question, or your repeated references to "big hook-nosed Jews" or anything. Clearly, young ppl these days are just lazy.


Mar. 4th, 2008 12:01 pm
Some rather intense lower back pain is currently paining my lower back. I'm going to make an appointment with urgent care, but in the meantime, I have an exam tonight, and two more tomorrow that I probably won't be able to take. *frets*


Feb. 1st, 2008 11:57 pm
[livejournal.com profile] mere_buff_4 commands me to post! And so I post! I am ever her devoted servant.

I am sick. Something is wrong with my foot. Also, I'm kinda freaking out because one of my bosses said she needs to talk to me tomorrow. No matter how well I behave, whenever someone says they need to talk to me, my immediate reaction is 'I didn't do it! Nobody saw me! I was young and foolish! I don't remember anything! The sheep are lying! I blame society!'

Still haven't seen Supernatural or Torchwood. :( My brother put Star Trek on the Netflix queue and has been force-feeding it to me every time I have a spare moment. I still haven't got rid of this cold enough to try my BPAL either. The world is conspiring to keep me from that which my soul loves.

So anyways, have some pieces of wisdom from my professors:

Oh jeez, it's a mac. What the hell I am supposed to do with a mac? Pray? - Prof. upon entering classroom and seeing the provided computer

You're made of the non-metal elements. You're not a robot. You don't go grrrr... *robot impression* ...Well, I mean, you can do that if you want, but you're still not a robot. - Prof.
Aww. *hangs head* - SomeGuy

And here's a funny song. ^-^

ETA: I will be making an icon post soon, I promise! It'll have requests and everything!
BPAL! I has some! I got a bottle of Love's Philosophy, and imps of Whip, Aeval, and Pannychis; plus Himerus, Dee, and The Bow & Crown of Conquest, to try for Sam scents. For frimps I got Robin Goodfellow, Two Five & Seven, Dragon's Claw, and Chuparosa. Even the frimps seem terribly appropriate for me right now. I'm normally not this into Valentine's Day or romance at all, but I've just been a sucker for it lately. There's this couple I work with, and every time I hear GuyHalf talk about GirlHalf, I go all stupid and melty. He's the only non-single male I've ever known who doesn't spend 50-98% of his conversations complaining about his girlfriend. I've never heard him say a word against her. But anyways! I got an extremely bad head cold the day after my lovely BPAL arrived, so I've only gotten to try Love's Philosophy. Thus far my review of it is as follows: NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH. KHNA[O;IWERN. 9WR8HN. NNNNNNNGH. MOAR.

I have a new SONG OF MY LIFE OMG! song. It's by The Parlotones. Please excuse the talking at the beginning, it was hastily clipped out of a podcast, as I cannot seem to find a place to buy the cd.

I want this! I'm all about the voices of inanimate objects, and it's so adorable and proud! It's like, "Look! I changed!" But they don't ship outside the UK, and I couldn't find them anywhere else. Curse my lack of money and British citizenship! I went to my campus store for recycled notebooks instead. *iz a happy, but not ecstatic treehugger*

I'm all caught up on Torchwood!
In what scientists are calling "a bloody fucking miracle," I got an A on my essay on public transit in San Diego, and was thus excused from the final this morning. Which was nice, seeing as how I was up until 4:30 writing the aforementioned essay.
Scroll down for the most adorable and awesome tattoo in the history of tattooing. Now I have to have one, godsfuckingdammit.

I got B+ on the exam I had Monday. It's a certifiable miracle, ya'll. I was so horrifically unprepared.

I demand J2!!
Re: Nationalism

"Defining yourself as what you are not doesn't work so well anymore, because Mexican food is delicious."
1) Bellydance recital was yesterday. While I'm sure we were terrible what with not rehearsing due to fires, I have never felt more comfortable or had more fun preforming. It might have looked like crap, but it felt awesome.

2) I've sat down to write this meta about eight times already and I'm not getting anywhere. I'm completely inarticulate when it comes to this. I had an English professor once who was very interested in Wicca and witchcraft and encouraged me to write about it all the time, but I could never get more than a few sentences out before getting stuck, rereading my three sentences, and going 'Wtf was I just thinking?!' and starting all over again.

3) I look hot today.



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