Today is my birthday!! Woohoo!

We're not actually gonna get to celebrate until the 20th of September, but WHO CARES!? I'M 25, BITCHES! I CAN RENT CARS NOW!

Anyone inclined to buy me anything, please direct these urges towards Heifer International.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] grimmus!!

For your birthday, I'm going to get you your Christmas present. XD
It has been DAYS since I had access to a computer for more than five minutes. I missed you, interwebs!

While I was away, [ profile] xtinethepirate had a birthday and sent me a present, because she's very hobbit-ish like that. XD Actually, the present was for Valentine's, and it's GORGEOUS but my camera is lost in a pile of clothing that I haven't had a chance to put away, so I can't show everyone how awesome she is, but since that's self-evident I won't worry about it too much.

*deep breath*

So whatcha guys doin'?
This is just a very brief overview of a few (fairly) recent events. Most of the time I wasn't the one taking pictures, so I don't have as many as I'd like from some of these things. But anyhow! Onwards!

Wincon 08! )

Halloween! )

December Birthdays! )

Christmastime! )

OMGDUN. *collapses*
Holy shit it's [ profile] brynwulf's birthday! Applause, ppl! She's amazing! Happy birthday!

I have spent all day reading fic. Literally ALL DAY so far. This is partially because I was away at Wincon (I like saying it like that, like Wincon is a prestigious institute of some kind. WHICH IT TOTALLY IS.), and Wincon is so awesome that fic-reading gets put on hold while one attends to it. (HEE!) And also I didn't have a laptop with me. Then, the Monday after Wincon, I started my short term classes, and had this weird 7 - Midnight shift @ work. Then Tuesday I had to take a two hour train ride to the San Diego county HR department to take a test that will qualify me for 5 or 6 different clerical positions. Also on Tuesday my mp3 player crashed and came back missing all my vids, playlists, pictures and about 200 tracks. Then Wednesday I had my Class Voice midterm, babysat Abbie, formatted the mp3 player, and have spent every spare moment since rebuilding my music library. And in a couple hours I will go to work so that I can work the midnight shows of Saw V and High School Musical 3. So I figured I deserved a good 6 hours of fic-reading.

The series of events discussed above have also prohibited any kind of Wincon write-up. But I promise it's coming! I have tomorrow off from both school and work, which is pretty much the eighth wonder of my tiny universe, so I will be getting stuff done!
So, today is my birthday. Anyone who wants to get me something, please go to Heifer International, and buy a share of a knitting basket, or a water buffalo (I was born in the Year of the Ox), or some trees.

We woke up obscenely early today to go to the farmer's market in Hillcrest to buy some of the indecently delicious, grass fed, free range beef they sell there. It's for my birthday dinner tomorrow. I also got a breakfast sandwich with basil and spinach, cooked for me by a very good looking Frenchman. Also:

A flourless chocolate cupcake (NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH), and a lavender bouquet.

So yeah. Coffee now.
Happy Birthday [ profile] albydarned!! I was going to write you some bottom!Sam for your birthday, but I overslept and I have to get ready for work! :( On the bright side, I'm working the guest service desk today, so I might get to write it while I'm at work, and post it late tonight when I get home.

Smooches and hugs and have a spectacular birthday!!


Mar. 28th, 2008 01:08 pm

First off, we went out and had a friggin' delicious meal at Mimi's. Tomato and mozzarella ravioli with grilled shrimp. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then we came home, and opened presents. I got Besame' lipstick (omg, ya'll), gorgeous yarn and roving, three gift cards for places I frequent, and the Monas Hieroglyphica necklace from BPAL (DID YOU KNOW THEY SEND YOU FRIMPS WITH JEWELRY ORDERS?!?). *keels over* Then we ate cake from the best bakery in all the world. Then we sat around and chatted. Then Flora Pecosa went home, and now I'm posting. Such a marvelous day. ^-^
I iz 22!

In honor of this day, have an elephant on a trampoline:


My schedule this year is awesome. I'm taking human geography because I have put off that requirement for along time, and it's turning out to be an awesome class. Also, my bellydance class is Thursday, which gives me an excuse to take the whole day off from work and wail and wring my hands with the rest of the fangirls all day. Speaking of, [ profile] echo_tiarra got me Nevermore for my birthday! I'm five chapters in and I have to say, I'm very pleasantly surprised.

Also, birthday! It is this Friday, I will be 22, and anyone who wants to do presents, plz to be seeing Heifer International. Also, if I miss birthdays, smack me. I love giving gifts, but I'm terrible with dates, so feel free to tap your foot at me and demand a present.

We got new cell phones today! Did I forget to tell ya'll that my phone was stolen? So if I should have your number, email it to me, because I don't. ^-^

BPAL banners has been updated with Knave of Hearts and Scherezade.

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