Flist! I want your opinion! I have this idea that for one of the days of Comic-Con, I will wear a Star Trek command uniform shirt that is too big for me, no pants (by which I mean black shorts underneath or something that you can't readily see), muss up my beehive, smear my lipstick, and go as Captain Kirk's Meaningless Conquest. [livejournal.com profile] acehorner is very supportive of this idea, but methinks she's a little biased. So I'm asking you guys.

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People. Don't fail me now. I am trying to fill a prompt on [livejournal.com profile] st_xi_kink_meme, and I need you to think back on your childhoods. I'm looking for a movie that is appropriate for or might be seen by a 6 - 8 year old child, that has an awesome kissing scene. Where there any you guys remember seeing that made a particularly lasting impression on you? Or that you remember being really intense? Or maybe a kissing scene in a book or comic book? I'll take it all.

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Unless someone else on my flist is coming to ComicCon? *bats lashes hopefully*

And after this, I promise to stop talking about Star Trek for a little while.

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p.s. I voted on my brother's behalf. He says it wouldn't stand out at all. :)
So I have this icon, which you see to your left or right depending on how your flist is arranged. I was thinking of maybe putting those words on a shirt and wearing it to Comic-con. Possibly with this belt.

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If you have a good reason for your advice, tell me in the comments. Also it is perfectly acceptable to advise me in a way that makes fandom sense, as opposed to fashion sense, e.g. "Brown like Mal!" or whatever.
I tried to resist, because stuff that says Gypsy on it is kinda hokey, but even the tins are fair trade and it's OM NOM NOM NOM NOM SO GOOD.

I tripped over this poll on my friendsfriends list. The hypothetical presented is probably too good to be true, but like so many educated 20-something females reading Jane Austen, I'm indulging in the fantasy. *wistful sigh*
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On the one hand, self-striping yarn in stripes is awesome. On the other hand, horizontal stripes are not so flattering.

I look good in red. And that blue is gorgeous. But pink is a more traditional pin-up sweater color. *ponders*

ETA: I should probably add that I totally plan on wearing the pin-up sweater and some little reading glasses and these shoes all over Wincon next year and proclaiming to all within earshot that I have dressed up as that which keeps Dean from driving Sam crazy while he researches things. Practically canoninical, yes?
So, I work a long closing shift on Halloween. That doesn't suck as much as you think because we're allowed to wear costumes, and I'm working guest service so I get to sit down and goof off the whole time. Plus it's not like I'd be doing anything else for Halloween anyway, besides the religious stuff. I was thinking my brother and I might dress up together: he'd be Wash and I'd be Mal, from Firefly. They would be easy thrift shop costumes. I just need boots, a brown duster, and a red shirt. (I already have suspenders and pants.) We'd get Alejandro a Hawaiian shirt and some dinosaur toys, and we'd use that orange hairspray stuff.

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So I'm sitting at school, daydreaming about Wincon and S3 and everything and I said to myself, 'Hey Sexy Person, you should make some badass SPN gear and trinkets and things and take them to Wincon and sell them for charity.'

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If 'Pfft, who'd buy your shit?' wins out, I'm probably gonna make some slightly less fancy stuff, and just give it away as gifts. (I'm all about buying people's affection.) This all might be moot anyways, I need to talk to the Wincon ppl and make sure this is ok. I have no faith in myself right now, because I just went to [livejournal.com profile] winchestercon, and somehow I totally missed the last 50 billion posts there. Oh wait, most of them were from when I was in Thailand. I feel slightly less stupid now. But I still need to check with them and everything.

My schedule this year is awesome. I'm taking human geography because I have put off that requirement for along time, and it's turning out to be an awesome class. Also, my bellydance class is Thursday, which gives me an excuse to take the whole day off from work and wail and wring my hands with the rest of the fangirls all day. Speaking of, [livejournal.com profile] echo_tiarra got me Nevermore for my birthday! I'm five chapters in and I have to say, I'm very pleasantly surprised.

Also, birthday! It is this Friday, I will be 22, and anyone who wants to do presents, plz to be seeing Heifer International. Also, if I miss birthdays, smack me. I love giving gifts, but I'm terrible with dates, so feel free to tap your foot at me and demand a present.

We got new cell phones today! Did I forget to tell ya'll that my phone was stolen? So if I should have your number, email it to me, because I don't. ^-^

BPAL banners has been updated with Knave of Hearts and Scherezade.

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